AHP_35_Ti - Air Heat Pump

AHP_35_Ti - Air Heat Pump

AHP_35_Ti - Air Heat Pump

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This unit has been created as a response to market needs for maintaining working conditions in outdoor data communication cabinets and power cabinets. The operational principle is based on thermodynamic transformation which allows for a modern, maintenance-free, highly efficient source of cold and heat to be built.
The unit’s operational algorithm is determined on the basis of temperature and humidity measurement inside the data communication cabinet. The unit is so efficient that it can maintain the set temperature from 10 to 40 °C and a relative humidity from 32 to 72% beyond the point of condensation. With the reversing valve, the summer season’s cooling can be easily switched to heating for the winter.

The unit periodically forces air circulation in order to reduce high temperature areas (annihilation of hot spots) caused by different device installation densities inside the cabinet. Optionally, the unit can be protected against loss of primary 230 V power supply. Thanks to the inverter and the capability to switch to 48 V backup power from the cabinet’s power station (if installed), the unit can continue cooling by switching to the heat exhaust mode without using a compressor. This solution eliminates the use of external valves, dampers or louvers which compromise the cabinet’s integrity.

This unique use of thermodynamic transformation is patented for ZPAS. The unit uses a microprocessor system for remote control and monitoring in order to achieve high cooling and heating efficiency in continuous operation with a follow-up adjustment of operational factors while minimizing energy and maintenance costs.
The unit ensures proper operation in ambient conditions from -33 to +50 °C. Power reserve allows for short-term operation should basic parameters be momentarily exceeded. The control and measurement system informs the user about the unit’s status and associated alarms online. It also allows for changing the parameters remotely and certain on-off service operations. Operating parameters are stored in the unit’s internal memory in the form of characteristics up to one year.


Benefits of using a reversible AHP Air Heat Pump:

  • - a single device for year-round maintenance of desired temperature and humidity inside the cabinet while using very little electricity of about 1200 kWh a year;
  • - ensure optimal thermal conditions inside the cabinet after the primary power outage until power comes back by switching to passive cooling with minimum power consumption of 55 W – the “small passive” process – the innovation patented for ZPAS;
  • - smooth stabilization of temperature and humidity control above the dew point for cooling power up to 6kW;
  • - high energy efficiency ratio COP ≤ 5 for heating and cooling;
  • - noise level kept at 56/65 dB for maximum productivity;
  • IP 55 protection ensured without the need for external intermediary devices such as dampers and louvers;
  • - total reduction of the cost of ownership through complete remote control and monitoring.

Technical data

  • Outdoor temperature - from -33 to +42 °C
  • Outdoor humidity - from 20 to 90 %
  • Heating power - 6.6 kW (heating mode)
  • Cooling power - 3.5 kW (cooling mode)
  • Sound pressure < 56/65 dB
  • Power consumption - 800-1000 W
  • COP - 3-5 (depending on the operating conditions)

Download Operation and Maintenance Manual

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